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Protecting the Environment in Ontario
In Ontario there are a number of regulations, both municipal and provincial, that are in place to limit what types of businesses are able to operate in the province and what types of emissions they are able to release into the environment.
The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) is the major piece of legislation that was put in place to limit the amount of pollution and other approved contaminants from being released into the air, land or water. In order to operate legally in the province, most industrial companies are required to show compliance with this act in order to gain approval. Compliance is mandatory for both private and public sector businesses.
In order for industrial and manufacturing businesses to operate in the province, an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) must be granted by the Ministry of the Environment. By requiring these businesses to apply for approval, the ministry is able to track the amount of contaminants that are released into the environment. The approval also works to distinguish liability and is an agreement that the business will take all reasonable care to prevent all unlawful discharges of contaminants.
Environmental Compliance Audits
In order to ensure compliance is met with the various regulations in place for the location of the business, an environmental compliance audit should be carried out. An initial environmental compliance audit is generally necessary to determine a facilities status in relation to all applicable environmental legislation. The legislation and regulations are subject to change regularly and the compliance level of the business may change as a result. In this case annual audits may be required in order to assess compliance with the new regulations. An additional audit may also be necessary if the business facility grows or adds new equipment.
An environmental compliance audit can be an excellent way to display environmentally-friendly characteristics that may result in business growth opportunities.
There are many different aspects that go into a comprehensive environmental compliance audit. All facility Approvals and facility documentation are reviewed prior to conducting a site investigation and interviewing employees on common practices and operating procedures. Based on the site inspection findings the auditor will assess areas of deficiency associated with legislative requirements and approvals and provide feedback on areas for potential improvement to ensure any potential adverse effect to the environment is prevented.
Choosing an Environmental Auditor
Choosing an environmental auditor can have a huge impact on your business and ability to operate legally in Ontario. Some of the best environmental auditors are willing to travel across the province to consult with businesses and build strong relationships with clients.
It is important to choose an environmental auditor with extensive industry experience.
Ensure your business receives a professional, detailed environmental compliance audit by choosing a reputable environmental auditor in Ontario today.
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